More Than Just Toned Glutes

I think everybody knows that I am into health and fitness, I mean like really really into it. Those who know me will know that I have a history of depression and those who know me well will know about a suicide attempt or two; I wasn’t even sure I would make it to the age of 21 (gasp).

Wellness: “A state of health closely associated with your lifestyle. A proactive, preventative approach designed to achieve optimum levels of health, social and emotional functioning.” (Trifocus)

Exercise and eating right is more than just about toned glutes and a flat stomach, those are just side effects. It is about taking control of my health and my mind because there is so much that I cannot control, but I can control me!
 All of us at some point become stressed by day to day living – work, family, finances, gossip, social pressure to “succeed” etc. and a lot of people choose to have another glass of beer, or sleep all day instead of waking up early for a walk, or have an extra plate of food because… well, give them a break they had a rough day, right? Wrong. It is when everything around us is going wrong that we should strive even harder to make sure that we are right within.

I cannot even begin to explain how exercise has gotten me through long periods of unfulfilling work, unemployment, family drama… I cannot begin to explain how a change in diet helped me to deal with the sometimes severe depression I used to get with my premenstrual syndrome. (Omega 3 is great for mood imbalances just so you know.)

There are so many psychological benefits associated with living healthier. To name a few          

* Better sleeping patterns and feeling rested making you less cranky.

*Improved mood due to release of feel good hormones.

* Improved body image therefore making you feel good.         

* Feeling of accomplishment.

This is why wellness/fitness/health is more than just about taking selfies at the gym; it is a major step in taking care of oneself and one’s life. In my opinion, everybody should be a health “freak”. 

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