Beautiful Human Beings

Sometimes, it can be challenging to see the beauty in the world. With all our disappointment and insecurities – cynicism can easily become a default setting. I know I am guilty as charged!

But every now and then, even in the deepest of depths an encounter with a beautiful stranger can lift your gaze from the ground and help you see the sky and sunlight.

It was a video by Thoraya Maronesy that made me think of my recent encounters with lovely people. I was in Rishikesh India for a yoga course when I met many people from at least 8 different counties. I had been feeling like my life was lacking depth, but also genuine fun conversations. My time in India did not go as I had planned and there was some unpleasantness. Thankfully there was also a silver lining. I enjoy talking to people, however I don’t particularly enjoy non-stop small talk. When people ask questions like “What do you do for a living?” I would rather ask “What are you passionate about?” or “Did your parents ever say hurtful things to you?” I know a lot of people may find this kind of intense or even invasive, but these are the kind of conversations I feel we need to have more of (I mean maybe not the VERY first time you meet somebody, but at least eventually).

Lucia is a woman in her mid thirties from East Europe. She is really good at the Ashtanga Primay Series. She is a gypsy, a smart woman and an overcomer. She told me that I need to get to a point where I need to stop trying to fix everything and everyone. “You work hard, you have a pretty good job, you know what you’re doing. You’re okay.” This is something that has stayed with me. To play my part in the world but not make fixing it my burden. Wise words Lucia. Thank you.

Tune is from Hong Kong and she does aerial hoop for fun. I have always wanted to try pole dancing. It was really nice to meet a real life regular person who does aerial hoop in their spare time. She is smart and down to earth and really good company.

Be sure to have a look at Thoraya’s YouTube Channel. It’s quite wholesome; from people sharing their regrets and insecurities to calling their crush. This is definitely the nice side of the internet. #BeKind

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